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She Knows presents "Hechizo" (Bar 25 Music)

Actualizado: 6 abr

Renowned electronic band She Knows is about to release their highly anticipated album "Nervous Bliss" on May 17, via famed music label Bar 25 Music, based in the vibrant city of Berlin. This new project not only represents the culmination of their sonic evolution, but also marks an exciting leap forward by delving into the depths of human emotions, exploring the most vulnerable corners of our psyche.

In the run-up to the release of the full album, the world will witness the premiere of their single "Hechizo" on March 22. This anticipated piece offers an intriguing look into the artistic direction that will guide the entire album. The dazzling freshness of his music merges organically with the emotional richness and poetry of his lyrics, creating a sound universe that envelops the listener in an almost magical experience.

"Hechizo" is not just a single; It is a sensory journey that immerses us in a dream world where emotions flow freely. The depth and universality of the themes addressed in this piece of music invite us to reflect on our own existence and our connections with the world around us, thus creating a deeply moving and personal experience.

The entire album promises to be a masterpiece of elegance and sophistication, designed to be enjoyed in the most intimate and mysterious moments of the night. She Knows has created surprising and truly exceptional work, where every note, every word and every silence is carefully crafted to delight and captivate an audience eager for authentic emotions and transformative experiences.

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